As a fitness professional, I am sure you are aware of a vast range of benefits that regular exercise and physical activity can have on the body. There are general benefits which apply to everyone and then benefits which are specifically suggested by scientific evidence to support various chronic health conditions. It is HUGELY important […]

This month (November), is Men’s Mental Health Awareness. As part of this campaign to raise awareness, we have created an infographic to highlight some key information. Give it a read! Mental health conditions are very prevalent and it is extremely important that we take small steps every day to support ourselves as those around us. […]

The British Nutrition Foundation host a Healthy Eating Awareness Week each year and this year it is running between the 28th September and 4th October. It provides a great opportunity for people from all sectors to come together and address different elements of leading a healthy lifestyle. This is particularly good for fitness professionals since […]

Are you looking to help your clients become generally more active? Talking about METs to them can be really useful. Some people like to understand the science and others may need to have it explained in an easy to understand format, but the concept may reinforce the message of ‘moving more’. Here is a quick […]

It is important to talk about how to train the pelvic floor as it makes up a vital part of our core. Without an effectively functioning pelvic floor, you cannot fully engage all of the muscles in the core. This topic isn’t often discussed by many fitness professionals, it’s a forgotten element or an element […]