Since this month is all about trying to raise awareness of how to maintain a healthy heart, I thought I would combine some resources and challenges which are being run by organisations such as the British Heart Foundation so you can start actively sharing the knowledge. Over 1.6 million men and over 1 million women […]

It is COPD Awareness Month so to raise awareness of how to help clients that are living with this condition I thought we could recap 5 exercise considerations. Exercise can be extremely daunting, challenging and generally scary for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease for many reasons but mostly because you are asking them to […]

In order to really engage clients in your sessions you must work hard to ensure the whole session is enjoyable. You need to come across professional, knowledgeable, safe, fun and effective. To give your session the right start off we have created a quick infographic to ensure you don’t forget the basics….the basics which make […]