Fitness professionals rely on quantitative data for motivating clients and tracking their progress. Without data and information, all results would be subjective. While not every aspect of health can be quantified, a large proportion can. When possible, we should be regularly tracking and evaluating our client’s progress. In this article, we’ll be discussing why and […]

Monthly challenges are a popular way to motivate your clients. They’re used by beginner and advanced athletes to add a bit of friendly competition into their workout routines. We’ve listed some of the most popular monthly challenges you can set for your clients.  What Are Monthly Challenges? Monthly challenges are exactly what they say on […]

Stretching during pregnancy can help relieve your clients of pregnancy-related aches and pains. During pregnancy, clients will likely feel nauseous and fatigued. Stretching during pregnancy has been shown to reduce these symptoms. Stretching also helps keep your clients fit and healthy whilst preparing for labour and postnatal recovery. As exercise professionals, we know how beneficial […]

As fitness professionals, we know not everyone is the same. Our clients all have different goals and circumstances that need to be addressed individually. Generic training courses do a great job in helping us understand the basics of health and exercise, but they don’t allow us to become specialists. What if a client comes to […]

We know exercise is an integral part of any lifestyle. It provides extraordinary physical, mental, and social benefits. However, if your clients are not mindful during their workout, they will not maximise its potential.  Exercise and mindfulness have a synergistic relationship. When they’re used together, they produce enhanced results.  What Is Mindfulness?  Mindfulness is the […]