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The holiday season is here, and as fitness professionals, it’s the perfect time to express gratitude to the clients who’ve made the journey worthwhile. Whether you’re a personal trainer or a group exercise instructor, showing appreciation can strengthen the bond with your clients and make them feel valued. We appreciate it isn’t a requirement or […]

Often working with special population groups demands a unique approach. When it comes to warm ups, you will still follow a similar method, but it is likely that it will take slightly longer to perform since you will be taking into consideration various individual and condition related needs. Whether it’s older adults looking to maintain […]

Since we work with a diverse range of clients, we must tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of special population groups. One effective way to enhance their fitness journey is by encouraging them to incorporate activities of daily living (ADLs) into their routines. By minimising sedentary time and promoting movement throughout the day, […]

As fitness professionals, it is crucial to understand the unique challenges faced by individuals aged 55 and above. As people transition from their full-time careers to part-time work and eventually into retirement, their daily commitments and motivations undergo significant changes. Embedding exercise into mid to later life can play a pivotal role in ensuring a […]

Clear communication and cueing are essential when working with older adult clients. As we age, our physical and cognitive abilities may change, making it essential for fitness professionals to adjust their communication and cueing styles to meet the needs of their older adult clients. Clear communication is vital for ensuring that older adults understand the […]