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As exercise referral instructors or instructors working with special population groups you will hopefully soon, if you haven’t already, come across Moving healthcare professionals and Moving medicine; an initiative by the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine UK in partnership with Public Health England and Sport England which launched in October 2018. The idea is that healthcare […]

What’s the story? There is a lot of confusion and conflicting information out there about how much and what type of fats we should be eating. As fitness professionals we should be recommending the FSA guidelines of not more than 11% saturated fatty acids and not more than 35% total fat intake. However, there […]

An important role of fitness professionals is to help clients set and agree on goals. Without goal setting, you can’t demonstrate the results you are helping your clients to achieve so it is fundamental to the services that you offer. Setting realistic goals using the SMART goal setting process can help with client adherence, motivation, […]

Learn about the effects of alcohol on exercise and health so that as fitness instructors you can educate your clients further about leading a healthy lifestyle long term.

To raise awareness about Vascular Disease we have created a Peripheral Vascular Disease Infographic for Fitness Professionals. We also held a live revision session on Vascular Disease over in our private Facebook group which you can listen to, to further your understanding of these conditions. Click here to Join Us.