Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled some FAQ’s which may be able to help you with any queries you have. If you can’t find your answer here then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

How do I get insurance?
It is your responsibility as a qualified instructor to organise your own insurance. Ensure you have public liability protection and/or professional indemnity. The most important thing to remember for professional practice is do not work outside of your qualification boundaries.
Do you offer support post course?
Yes, once you have completed the course that is not the end of our communications (unless you would like it to be). We send emails and have a Facebook group you can join where fellow students will be and we communicate updates, any job opportunities we see advertised, provide you with discounts/offers and are there should you need any support and advice.
What age range can study with you?
Learners need to be 16 years or older to study with us. That is the only limitation. We have had learners of all ages study with us and have enjoyed the experience.
Do you cater for learning disabilities?
Learners are requested to identify any individual learning needs, medical conditions and/or injuries that may affect learning or the assessment process, on the application form or directly to the tutor. This may need to be supported by a statement of learning needs. Your tutor and assessor will be able to advise you on the specific requirements of the course and related assessment. In some instances it may be possible to apply a ‘Reasonable Assessment Adjustment’ to take into account a specific learning need. Please discuss this with your course tutor during course registration to ensure you are fully supported during the course and assessment. The course timetable will also clearly identify learner guidance and support time when your tutor will be available to answer specific queries or clarify areas that are unclear. We will do our best to support you with any resources or in any way we can as long as you give us adequate notice, i.e. don’t tell us on the day of the assessment.
Can I re-sit my assessments?
Yes. Should you not pass an element of your assessment for any reason then you and your tutor will come up with an action plan to improve the areas required and set a time frame to reschedule. You can complete re-assessments as many times as needed. It should be noted that during certain courses there could be charge to re-sit the examinations and this will be discussed during the course.
Should I choose a direct learning or distance learning course?
The way people prefer to learn is individual to them. We cannot say what would be best for you but you can probably make a better judgement based on what would be required. Distance learning requires you allocating a set number of hours per week to studying. You would need to ensure you have this time on a regular basis and the motivation to complete it. You need to be able to focus on just learning for this time slot and liaise with your mentor to determine your progress. If you think you can do each of the above then you would be suitable for distance learning; if you think you would struggle then you might be better with an attended course which involves a set number of days where you have to turn up and join in with a group. Both styles of learning receive support but direct learning means you can ask the questions then and there that might pop into your head and get an answer straight away. Everyone is different and certain topics may be easier than others to study at distance, so make sure you determine the type of learner you are and the requirements of the course before you decide.
What if I am not technically able?
If technology is not your forte, it doesn’t mean you can’t complete the online training but you might feel more comfortable completing one of the direct learning courses taught in person. If you would like to complete online training then you will be allocated a mentor to talk you through the process of getting logged on and how to manoeuvre around the online software. We won’t let technology stop you learning
What equipment do I need for online training?
If you are completing one of the blended or distance styles of learning then you will need access to the internet. The other piece of software required would be Adobe Acrobat reader; this is a free download but most computers and devices have it installed automatically. Other than those two the training is easy to access and if you need documents in other formats then we will do our best to accommodate you.
What support is available to help me?
We aim to ensure that all learners are provided with full support available throughout their course, whether they are learning directly or as blended/distance learning. Depending on the course you choose to enrol on and the style of learning opted for you will be given various forms of support to help you. There will always be email and phone support and you will be allocated a tutor as you main port of contact. We put support materials online for you to access and download as required and certain courses have webinars to support the learning being delivered. Once you enrol on a course you will be given information on the additional support available to you but there will always be someone there to help.
What are pre-requisites?
Pre-requisites refer to the qualifications and or knowledge required in order to complete the course you are enquiring in to. Pre-requisites are set in order to ensure everyone has the same baseline level of knowledge and the relevant knowledge for the subsequent course. For example, in order to complete the L3 Adapting Exercise for Independently Active, Older People you need to have a L2 qualification; otherwise, you would have complete beginners who have no fitness knowledge attending the course from scratch. Pre-requisites ensure that a suitable pathway in taken to qualifications to make it an easier and gradual learning process for each learner. If you have any questions about your qualifications and pre-requisites then please get in contact with us and we will be happy to explain them.