Should I choose a direct learning or distance learning course?

The way people prefer to learn is individual to them. We cannot say what would be best for you but you can probably make a better judgement based on what would be required.
Distance learning requires you allocating a set number of hours per week to studying. You would need to ensure you have this time on a regular basis and the motivation to complete it. You need to be able to focus on just learning for this time slot and liaise with your mentor to determine your progress.
If you think you can do each of the above then you would be suitable for distance learning; if you think you would struggle then you might be better with an attended course which involves a set number of days where you have to turn up and join in with a group.
Both styles of learning receive support but direct learning means you can ask the questions then and there that might pop into your head and get an answer straight away.
Everyone is different and certain topics may be easier than others to study at distance, so make sure you determine the type of learner you are and the requirements of the course before you decide.

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