Attended Seminars & Workshops

We aim to offer a range of additional training to help you continuously develop your knowledge and understanding, allowing you to increase your skill set and improve your business. Explore the attended seminars and workshops we offer below. Remember we have online ones too which you can see here.

Also for those of you on the REPs register, you can gain 3 points for attending these seminars and workshops!

Osteopath Led Training

We have partnered with Cameron Reid Training to offer a range of seminars which give us as fitness professionals additional knowledge and skills when assessing pains, injuries and irritations which clients can report. We can potentially offer services which support that of other health providers using the information taught from an Osteopath’s perspective.

The Postural Assessment Workshop

Upcoming Date: 11th August, 12.30-3.30pm at Hayman Lodge, South Lodge, Oak Ln, Norwich NR6 7DB. 

During this training you will:
• Understand the importance of posture for your clients
• Understand the significance of work posture
• Understand the significance of athletic posture
• Learn how to assess and address postural misalignments
• Identify faults that your clients demonstrate when you are training them

The Knee for PT’s Workshop

Upcoming Date: Completed: new dates will be added for 2019.  

During this training you will:
• Refresh your knowledge of the anatomy of the knee joint
• Learn common causes of knee pain
• Look at functional examination techniques
• Explore advice you can provide for injury prevention and rehabilitation
(incl. Osgood Schlatter, ACL & PCL injury)
• Learn therapy techniques and exercises to speed up the healing process
• Perform practical tests to assess knee function
• Learn useful taping techniques

The Shoulder for PT’s Workshop

Upcoming Date: 14th July 2018, 12.30-3.30pm at Hayman Lodge, South Lodge, Oak Ln, Norwich NR6 7DB. 

During this training you will:
• Learn a consistent approach to shoulder examinations
• Refresh surface anatomy to identify important structures
• Learn about ligament and rotator cuff tests
• Identify and perform scapular stability tests
• Learn how to support clients with shoulder injuries
• Learn how to support rehabilitation of shoulder impingement
• Learn useful taping techniques











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