Marketing for any business is vital; without marketing nobody would find you, know who you are and therefore your business would fail. So if you are running a business now then I am assuming you are doing some form of marketing, either online or offline – or maybe it’s simply from word of mouth (great!).

What we’ve noticed as technology develops and social media grows is that although there is a lot of training out there…as health and fitness professionals we are not provided with a lot of affordable training to help us specifically. Once we are qualified we just go out and do what we know using the marketing knowledge that we already have.

There is so much to learn in the field of online marketing but we have identified 4 important tips that you need to implement in order to grow your business.

number 1Select a Maximum of 2 Social Media Platforms

The number of social media platforms out there just keeps growing! You can’t be expected (nor should you) to navigate all of them and be consistent too – it’s not realistic and it’s not an effective use of your time. You need to do some research and find out where your potential clients enjoy being in terms of social media? Is it Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter for example? Make sure you know where they are and focus on 2…ONLY 2 to begin with! Become the master of your chosen platforms instead of doing trying to do a little bit on lots. Ensure you get involved in pages, conversations and groups, and take some time to plan and schedule your posts so that you become efficient and consistent.  Inconsistent content does not generate interested and interactive followers so this alone is a vital component of your online marketing. Use social media scheduling platforms to help you such as HootSuite.

number 2Provide Value and Support

When you are scheduling posts for social media or writing to your newsletter readers, you want to be adding value and providing support. People should want to be on the lookout for the next post or next newsletter because they know it will contain something helpful, something that will fix their problems plus they will enjoy reading about what you have to say. So it is essential that you structure your content around providing value and support. I know these 2 components won’t generate sales immediately BUT long term they will because when the time is right for your client, they WILL choose you for their health or fitness needs. People that just sell, sell, sell often find a lot of ‘unsubscribes’ from their newsletters too!

number 3Use Appropriate Language

What we mean here is when you write (or record) any form of marketing, be specific about who you are talking to. Pretend your ideal client is standing in front of you and you are talking to them! Think to yourself ‘is this content helpful to the client if I were in their shoes or if I had their goals’? If you market generically then you will find nobody will get in touch because it didn’t appeal to them…it didn’t resonate with what they were feeling or needing.

number 4Build Relationships

Put all the previous tips together and you should already be at the stage where people feel they know you, they enjoy your content and what you have to say. Since you are likely to be in the industry where people buy your services and products, they ideally want to know you! So put some personality into your marketing, continue to add value and support, answer questions and offer tips out to those in groups or conversations online and just take a step back and realise that if people like you and your business then they are much more likely to buy from you compared to someone they have just stumbled across online.

We will be discussing further tips and tricks for marketing in the health and fitness industry in future blog posts so keep an eye out.

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Good luck putting these tips into place and I will speak to you next time when we exploring further strategies for online marketing.