If you are new to the fitness industry and are trying to decide what equipment would be the best to invest in…then read this blog to see what is essential in our opinion.

There are hundreds of pieces of fitness equipment and they are all great, fun and versatile…but the expenses can soon mount up! If you are new to the industry or maybe you are a personal trainer that travels to people’s homes and workplaces then you want to have some key equipment that provides an effective workout for your clients but is also easy to set up and light to carry!

We have put together 5 essential pieces of equipment which in our opinion provide a variety of options and target the key components of fitness.


Everyone loves a skipping rope! OK, not everyone – but most will learn to love it again once they master it.

It is one of the most challenging cardiovascular exercises which elevates the heart rate without expensive machines and requiring large amounts of space. It can be used as a CV element between other exercises, especially for those with lower fitness levels initially. Alternatively, you can allocate a set period of time to skipping. It is very versatile.

Here are  5 types of skipping to use with clients of different fitness levels:

1) Imaginary Skipping Rope (for the non keen/non able skippers – provides quite an arm workout too)

2) Double Foot Jump – continuous pace or 20 normal paced skips followed by 10 fast skips (repeat)

3) Jog Skip – continuous pace or 20 normal paced skips followed by 10 fast skips (repeat)

4) Single Leg Jump

5) Lay rope on ground and jump back and fourth over the rope

number 2 STEP

The traditional fitness step….that’s the one we are referring to here. As you know, you can buy multi steps now which are great pieces of equipment; however, are chunky and expensive…so we are talking about a simple, light weight and easy to transport step.

This can be another great piece of CV equipment but also can develop strength and endurance. Think about all the directions you can approach the step from and that will spark different idea’s for you. Here are just 5 idea’s for using a step:

1) Double Foot Jump

2) Step and Knee Lift

3) Step Down (great for strengthening quadriceps and stabilising knee)

4) Incline/Decline Press Ups

5) Split Jumps (starting with one foot either side of the step and jumping up and into the middle of the step)

number 3 MATS

Such a simple piece of equipment but allows for all floor exercises to be performed. Yes you could ask clients to lay on the floor or ground but this doesn’t look very professional and it is likely to be less comfortable and hygienic.

So there are endless amounts of bodyweight exercises you can choose from, not just abdominal ones either. Here are 5 exercises to perform on a Mat:

1) Glute Bridge

2) Press Ups

3) Plank

4) Side Lying Leg Abduction

There are lots more and if you would like to share the exercises that popped into your head then please write them in the comment box to help your fellow instructors with ideas.

number 4 STOPWATCH

This is another simple piece of kit but without one you can’t allocate time periods to components of fitness, you can’t measure baseline fitness tests i.e. 30 second or 1 min press up test/skipping test. If you can’t collect this kind of information, how will you measure their progress?


This has been kept as a broad term for a reason – there are many versions available and all are considered light weight so it’s up to you, your client’s needs and the environment as to which one you choose to use. There are ones that fit on to doors, one’s with handles and then the basic physiotherapy style bands. There are different strengths so it is best to go with a medium tension to start and adapt the intensity by varying the grip width.

The resistance band is still a highly respected and used piece of kit by physiotherapists and Pilates teachers. There are so many possibilities for the whole body as long as good control and technique is executed. Here are 5 idea’s to get started:

1) Bicep Curl

2) Tricep Extension

3) Medial and Lateral Arm Rotation

4) Chest Expansion

5) Scapula Retraction

So there you have our 5 essential pieces of fitness equipment that you need to start training clients. There are numerous options with just these 5 pieces of kit, not to mention all the bodyweight exercises you can have the clients perform.

If you have favourite exercises that you recommend or ideas you wish to share that relate to these pieces of fitness equipment then please share them in the comment box below 🙂