Everyone likes to know what other people use to run their businesses, how people make their lives easier and what they do to be successful….don’t they?!

We thought we would start a mini series to run throughout the year of different helpful resources for fitness professionals. Resources which range from finding information to managing your business.

Today we start with 5 helpful resources I use on a regular basis for my business. I actually have a resource list which consists of my top 10 ‘go to’ resources which you can download at the bottom of this post.

So let’s get started…


laptop imageAsana Software

Asana is a free project management tool. It can be used in lots of different ways but I find it great for keeping track of every area of my business. For example, you can write a list of the stages you want a new client to move through. Such as:

1) Send them a welcome email, letter or call

2) Give them the costs, terms and conditions and booking diary

3) Send Invoice

4) and so on…

You can tick each stage off as you and the client move through them. It is also GREAT if you work as part of a team and you would like to allow other team members access to these details or training programme cards for example. I will be doing a video lesson soon to help you use Asana as a fitness professional.

dropbox  Dropbox

Dropbox is a great free platform to use for sharing information with your clients and keeping everything you need in one place. Create individual folders with your client’s names on and inside upload each of their new programme designs, exercise trackers, goal setting worksheets – whatever it is, just upload it and share the file with them. It’s easy for you to check on documents when you are on the move too. No more carrying paperwork everywhere you go (unless you like to).


music graphicMTRAX Music

There are lots of music platforms or websites out there but one that i’ve found particularly useful is MTrax.

You can use their website to purchase music then download their App on your phone to play the music through…but best part of all (in my opinion) is that you can change the tempo of each song using the App. Since I typically work with special population groups, being able to slow down the tempo can be very helpful!


newsletter graphicMailChimp

MailChimp is another great piece of free software which helps you to run a professional business. It allows you to brand yourself consistently, speak to your existing list of clients or potential clients AND it helps you build your list so you can influence more people. If you haven’t used MailChimp before, have a look at our short course which takes you step by step through how to set up your MailChimp account.

graph iconMile Tracker App

If you are self employed then you have to take care of your book keeping and one of things you need to track is your mileage. If you are a freelance self employed instructor then you may find yourself travelling to different locations through the day and across the week – keeping track of how far you go can be both time consuming and hard work. If you are like me, you put it off and think you’ll do it later as you won’t forget who you’ve visited….but the task becomes bigger and bigger until you just don’t want to it anymore! So I found this App called Mile Tracker App on iOS and it runs in the background and tracks all my journeys. All you have to do is swipe left if it was a personal journey or right if it was a business related journey. Simple! I’m sure there are lots of other ones you can use too.

These are the 5 resources for this month. We would love to hear what great resources you use to make your business smoother and more successful. If you would like a copy of these 5 PLUS 5 more great resources I use in my business then download the 10 Resources for Fitness Professionals List using the button below.

Click Here to Download 10 Helpful Resources for Fitness Professionals