A new year is fast approaching and that means most people use this as an opportunity to reset their lifestyles, mindsets and businesses. There are many things you should/can do in preparation but here are the 5 things that we believe you would benefit from doing for 2020.

1. Buy a wall planner – plan out your year!

When are you going to do promotions or launch new classes? You might be someone that does a 4 or 6 week course of fitness…you need to plan these blocks and have dates available to those interested. These days people like to know what their weeks involve in advance so you need to make sure you allow enough time to engage with your clients and prospective clients. Get planning….

2. Send all your past and present clients a card or letter to say Thank You!

You can do this electronically or use the traditional paper way – it all gives a personal touch and people relate to that, especially now that we live in a fast paced world with lots going on. For those that may have slipped off from fitness on a regular basis, it is a gentle reminder that you are there as and when they need you.

3. Set your financial goals

This doesn’t have to be super precise as you may not know how well you did last year yet….BUT you should be setting yourself annual goals. What do you want to earn in 2020? Then break it down into 12 months, allowing for the better months to out weigh the quieter months in fitness….and use this to work towards.

4. Check your kit bag

This should be done all year round and before it’s used every time. However, this is a good time to double check, including your first aid kit and qualifications. Also, take a look back at the services you offer and the kit you use…is there anything new you could use? Or when you are planning out your yearly calendar – do you have enough kit to cater for your maximum numbers in these classes? Don’t forget the joyful process of cleaning your kit too 🙂

5. Self reflect on yourself

Finally, we have discussed self reflection in previous blogs and that is because it is very important and often overlooked. There are many different angles you can approach self reflection from but they all relate back to you. For example, think about the following:

  • How successful were you with clients last year?
  • What were your retention rates like? If good, then why do you think people come back to train with you? If people were less consistent, why could that be? Did you ask?
  • Did you plan your sessions or classes ahead of time? Therefore, were you prepared?
  • Did you set goals for your clients on a regular basis and did they achieve them?
  • Could you offer further support to your clients for when they are not with you in person?

There are many questions you can ask yourself, these are just a few. Don’t be afraid to answer honestly because it will only make you consider ways to improve year on year.

If you achieve these 5 things to do before 2020 then you will have focused on yourself, your clients and your business! Make the next decade an amazing one!

Hope you found these useful?