Dementia awareness is continuously on the increase which is vital to ensuring that communities are more considerate and accommodating to people living with Dementia. I believe Dementia awareness in the fitness industry is equally as important so exercise groups, physical activity sessions and sports clubs can continue to be as inclusive as possible and offer more and more opportunities for people to remain active regardless of the condition.

One of our recent Facebook LIVE revision sessions discussed Dementia and Exercise to help fitness professionals understand some of the fundamentals which in turn makes adapting exercise for clients easier. Listen to the revision session below and leave any questions you have below the video. We will run other sessions on Dementia to help continuously update and develop our understanding of the condition so if this interests you, then either opt to get notified when we go LIVE on Facebook or subscribe to the YouTube channel. We also have a Dementia & Exercise Online Seminar. 

Enjoy the mini revision session.

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