Are you good? At what, you ask. At being a fitness instructor, personal trainer or other type of fitness professional?



But, how do you know?

In this blog we are talking about self reflection and analysis. In today’s fast paced world, there are many instructors qualifying to enter the world of fitness and once they are qualified they are keen to get going on developing their business.

The biggest part of your business is you. Therefore, in order to set yourself aside from the rest of the fitness professionals out there…you need to analyse yourself. Just like you monitor your marketing strategies, you need to monitor your own effectiveness and success.

How can you do this? Lots of ways….here are 3 of the most time efficient ways to reflect on your performance.

1) Ask clients for feedback. Did they enjoy the session? Why? What part? Why do they come back? This not only allows the client to feel involved in the session by voicing their opinion but it is also a great way to accumulate testimonials which will further benefit your marketing. This can be a great confidence booster and highlight to you the key aspects of your service that you should definitely continue to offer. Did they feedback what you thought they would? Your focus may shift from an instructors point of view to a clients perspective of service using this method…this is a helpful way to look at yourself too but not the only way!

2) Analyse yourself after 1:1 sessions or classes. You can use a SWOT analysis…simply identify:

  • What were your strengths?
  • What were your weaknesses?
  • What are your opportunities to get better?
  • Do you face any threats that will stop you achieving these opportunities?

3) Ask colleagues! This can be very intimidating for some instructors as they see others as competitors or are simply afraid of the feedback they might receive. If this is you, why do you care? If you are good at your job, you shouldn’t worry; you should take any feedback as constructive criticism. Who is better to analyse your pro’s and con’s than someone in the same profession.

It’s important not to treat weaknesses as a bad ‘thing’. Look at them as a way to get better and become more successful. Even the best and most successful trainers in the industry will always have something they can improve on. Simple regular reflection on self performance can improve sessions, classes and interactions. You won’t know what makes you stand out from the rest if you don’t ever find out how good you are….get reflecting and let us know how you get on!

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