Do you always keep your client at the forefront of your mind when it comes to your training decisions and behaviours?

I hope you do…however, this is not the case for all instructors. Too often you see or hear of instructors treating and training everyone the same. This is easy to do once you are trained – you like a particular session plan because you feel comfortable with it – maybe it allows you to get lots of people into your class or maybe it simply suits the equipment you have. Lots of instructors at some stage will find themselves taking the slightly easier route and not individualising their sessions or classes but this blog was intended to make you think about whether this is currently you.

If you want to keep your clients and help them achieve the results they are after then you need to adapt to their needs and personalities. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself ‘is what I am asking them to do suitable, adaptive, creative and safe?’.

You certainly are the one that has the knowledge and more often than not you know how to help your clients BUT when you see client after client during the day, it can be easy to unify their training as opposed to diversify. Take the time to consider how and what your clients are after by working with you.

If a 65 year old lady came to see you, would you train them the same as a 25 year old female? No. There are obvious differences. The same can be seen between two 25 year old males – but the differences may be less obvious and therefore not always addressed.

Take the time to find out their goals, needs, likes and dislikes. Ask for their opinion and go from there. One programme does not fit all and successful instructors understand and appreciate this. If a client feels involved in the programme then they are likely to become more engaged, motivated and work with you for longer.

This short blog may have just made you think for a couple of minutes about your current practice… and that was it’s aim. Always take a couple of minutes to reflect on your current practice in order to develop and stay a successful and effective trainer.

Here is to your ongoing success with clients…