The British Nutrition Foundation host a Healthy Eating Awareness Week each year and this year it is running between the 28th September and 4th October.

It provides a great opportunity for people from all sectors to come together and address different elements of leading a healthy lifestyle. This is particularly good for fitness professionals since each element of this awareness week can be supported within our roles.

I wanted to draw your attention to this week to encourage you to use this as an opportunity to open up new conversations, reignite the routines, brings healthy changes to the forefront of people’s minds and challenge them to change for the LONG term.

Even the best of us have times where certain elements of our health take a back seat, this is completely normal, but getting back to the healthy behaviours long terms is hugely important and some clients will need more support than others.

BHF have created challenge resources for YOU! You can simply download and save them for each of their challenges and share with your clients. Whether that be via email, text, social media, in person, whatever means is best to help bring the topic to the front of their minds.

Their challenges focus’s on the following:

You can find a range of resources on each of the pages linked above but head here for the overview.

You can use their resources or use this week as an opportunity to create your own challenge to support clients with these topics.

Thinking about both nutrition, movement, mental wellbeing and doing each of these aspects ‘together’ is integral to a healthy balanced lifestyle.

As fitness professionals, we need to ensure that we think about the different opportunities we have to make a difference to people outside of our sessions, as well as in them. This is what makes the difference to their outcomes and enables them to adopt healthy behaviours for the LONG TERM INDEPENDENTLY.

Use this as an opportunity to reflect on how you support your clients on an ongoing basis and whether there are any areas of improvement. Use this week as a starting point to getting the education moving 😁