Monthly challenges are a popular way to motivate your clients. They’re used by beginner and advanced athletes to add a bit of friendly competition into their workout routines. We’ve listed some of the most popular monthly challenges you can set for your clients. 

What Are Monthly Challenges?

Monthly challenges are exactly what they say on the tin. They’re tasks you’ll aim to complete in a respective month. They’re usually used as a way to increase daily physical activity. But, they can also be used to support specific fitness or health goals. 

Benefits of Monthly Challenges 

What’s the point in challenges that are just going to last one month? The main goal of monthly challenges is to engage, motivate, and entice clients. They help clients develop healthy fitness habits they can sustain in the long term. Progress in fitness is never linear. Sometimes, clients get bored of the same routine and need something to spruce up their exercise. This is exactly what monthly challenges do. They give clients something specific to focus on for a whole month. Here’s how monthly challenges can benefit your clients.

Increases Motivation 

Having a target is always great for motivation. Giving your clients something new and exciting to focus on for a month helps increase their motivation. With monthly challenges, the end is always in sight. It’s something achievable clients know they can achieve. Additionally, at the end of the month, clients feel encouraged when they’ve achieved the challenge. This boost of motivation and self-confidence can help them in the next step of their fitness journey. 

Adds Variety 

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you’re doing the same thing day in day out. Monthly challenges add something new into the routine. Adding a bit of variety can help clients get out of that rut and perform better in the challenge and/or their typical training routine. 

Creates Healthy Habits 

Healthy habits are the key to success in almost any area of fitness. We see it with our clients all the time. The things they do daily will ultimately determine their success. If you think about it, a month really isn’t that long. Therefore, monthly challenges are typically performed most days of the week. Encouraging clients to perform daily activity can help them build healthy habits that can be carried over into the long-term. 

Increases Health and Fitness

Monthly challenges encourage health and fitness gains. It’s fair to say, you won’t see sustainable transformative results within a month, but you will see increased fitness. Daily physical activity is a great way to get your blood flowing and joints moving. A little bit of movement everyday can lead improved health and fitness in the long-term. 


Monthly challenges are typically very simple and require little to no equipment. Therefore, they’re accessible to a variety of populations. They can be done pretty much anywhere at any time, thus it’s easy to fit into peoples schedules. If a lot of your clients take on the challenge, you could even create a leaderboard to add in a bit of friendly competition. 

Monthly Challenge Ideas 

Steps Challenge 

Set clients a goal of reaching an overall monthly target or daily target. This could be 10,000 steps everyday for a month, or 300,000 steps for the month. You could even start clients at 5,000 steps a day, and slowly increase them up to 10,000 steps by the end of the month. If you have a few clients participating in the challenge, you could create a leaderboard and supply a prize to the winning team. This way, clients might be more motivated to walk more for the good of their team. 

Balance Challenge 

Challenge your clients to accumulate a certain amount of time balancing on one leg per day. Each day, gradually increase the amount of time they should accumulate. You may start with 20 seconds and work upto 2 minutes. 

Distance Challenge 

Distance challenges are great for activities such as walking, running, swimming, or cycling. Distance will depend on the client’s ability, but it could be something like running 100km in a month. Another fun challenge is covering the distance between two locations throughout the month. For example, running the length of the M25 in a month. Activities can be linked to apps such as Strava, where clients can view and offer each other support throughout the month. 

Burpee Challenge 

Burpees are a great full-body workout, and are ideal for clients who don’t have much time to spare. Again, choose to set a specific number of burpees per day, or gradually increase the number over the month. You could start with 10 a day and end with 100.

Mobility Challenge 

Mobility challenges can help clients improve a specific area of weakness. For example, office workers tend to have tight hips. You could ask your client to hold the hip flexor stretch for 2 minutes a day for the next month. 

These are just examples of challenges you could get started with. Share other challenge ideas in our Facebook group.