Susie is this month’s Featured Fitness Instructor and has kindly taken the time to share her 13 years of experience in the fitness industry and the journey she has taken to offer the sessions she does today. She has done a lot of amazing things and I hope it motivates and inspires you to continue working towards your fitness goals. Let’s hear from Susie…

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for around 13 years now. I started in 2004 when I trained as an Exercise to Music instructor.

I had suffered from chronic back pain for 5 years since the birth of my first child and found exercise helped manage the pain and prevent relapse. As my kids were heading off to school I couldn’t face any job which would worsen my back condition so becoming an exercise instructor seemed the only way to look after myself and return to work.

My first job was an outreach position with our local authority gym provider to encourage people to improve their health. I realised that I was fascinated with peoples’ motivations and barriers to fitness. Over the years I have steadily gained knowledge, training and experience in dealing with clients who struggle to exercise for any number of reasons.

To work with my client groups I use Level 4 qualifications in Postural Stability and Lower back care alongside exercise referral and good old Personal Training. I’m also a L5 NLP practitioner and use many mindset and framing tools to motivate clients to make long term change.

My biggest success was helping a lady with an extremely underactive thyroid to lose 4.5 stone in order to receive IVF treatment. I regularly visit her and her new daughter and we’ll be starting back to her post baby fitness routine very shortly.

Now I’m fully self employed as Personal Trainer and Mat Pilates Instructor and develop training courses of my own. I have recently gained a teaching qualification and am currently writing workshops for a new company I aim to launch early next year.

The area of training I struggle with most is the feeling of regret whenever I learn something new. I find myself going back through client histories and wondering if I could have made their journey easier had I known this information back then. It’s hard not to beat yourself up but we can’t know everything. For anyone considering entering the fitness industry I would recommend having a clear picture of the client group that interests you. The range of training options is vast so find your tribe and nurture them to become their best.

I love motivating people to make the change they know they should. I call it “finding their why” and I offer a 3 week online course on my website to help my clients get started. I’d love you to join, too. It’s at
And finally my motto: It’s ‘Enjoy Good Health!’

Thank you again Susie for sharing your fitness journey. We look forward to hearing all the details for your upcoming training courses.

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