If technology is not your forte, it doesn’t mean you can’t complete the online training but you might feel more comfortable completing one of the direct learning courses taught in person. If you would like to complete online training then you will be allocated a mentor to talk you through the process of getting logged […]

If you are completing one of the blended or distance styles of learning then you will need access to the internet. The other piece of software required would be Adobe Acrobat reader; this is a free download but most computers and devices have it installed automatically. Other than those two the training is easy to […]

This will depend on the course you choose to do. You can find out this information on the website or request a prospectus where it details the assessments for the chosen course. The frequent forms of assessment include: Theory Based Exam Worksheets Case Studies Practical Assessment Not all courses will contain each of these assessment […]

We aim to ensure that all learners are provided with full support available throughout their course, whether they are learning directly or as blended/distance learning. Depending on the course you choose to enrol on and the style of learning opted for you will be given various forms of support to help you. There will always […]

Pre-requisites refer to the qualifications and or knowledge required in order to complete the course you are enquiring in to. Pre-requisites are set in order to ensure everyone has the same baseline level of knowledge and the relevant knowledge for the subsequent course. For example, in order to complete the L3 Adapting Exercise for Independently […]