Supporting Clients with Chronic Pain

In this bundle, we are joined by guest expert Tom Shelton. Tom is a clinical lead physiotherapist in rheumatology and specialises in supporting people to manage chronic pain. He will be exploring the biology of chronic pain and the role of exercise in common chronic pain conditions so we know how to lead safe and effective sessions.

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The Wellbeing Resource Hub

This area of the hub will house all resources relating to client wellbeing.

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Exercise for Improved Brain Function

In this bundle, we will explore the physiological benefits that exercise can elicit to improve brain function and health. These benefits can be used to guide and create effective exercise programmes for the prevention and management of cognitive decline with aging.


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Holistic Strategies for Better Gut Health

In this training, we will explore simple holistic strategies which can be implemented into daily life to improve gut health.

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The Shoulder Bundle

In this bundle, we are joined by Cameron Reid who is an experienced Osteopath. He will recap shoulder anatomy, explore the common causes of rotator cuff injuries and impingement and teach a way to assess and test clients.

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Picture of healthy vegetables and foods on a plate

Analysing Nutritional Principles Mega Bundle

In this bundle, we are joined by guest expert Dr Penny Rumbold who is an associate professor of sport and exercise nutrition. She is delivering a range of short topics which analyse current guidelines and knowledge by returning to the scientific principles that explain how the body works.


This mega bundle explores 5 different topics:

  1. Dietary Interventions to Support Metabolism
  2. Saturated Fats versus PUFA Fats
  3. Diet and Exercise for Health
  4. Appetite Response to Exercise
  5. Antiobesity Effects of Calcium
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Pelvic Biomechanics Bundle

In this bundle, we are joined by guest expert Rachel Thompson from Biomechanics Education. Rachel is here to help us add new thinking to our assessments with clients and demonstrate how to implement effective exercises to improve client pelvic function.

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Embedding Inclusive Exercise into Mid-Later Life

In this bundle, we are going to study the latest research in relation to improving inactivity in mid to later life. We will explore the motivators and barriers which contribute to the statistics and discuss opportunities, considerations and strategies to overcome certain barriers and promote inclusivity.

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Collaborate & Inspire Bundle

In this bundle, we are going to collaborate and inspire opportunities to freshen up our sessions and keep our clients engaged. We’ll achieve this via a live workshop. I want you to feel motivated and inspired to finish this year and start a New Year afresh!

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Pelvic Floor Bundle 2.0

In this bundle, we are joined by Kate Cameron who is a women’s pelvic health physiotherapist. She will highlight how to screen clients for potential pelvic floor dysfunction, identify common issues relating to pelvic floor health, as well as explain the relationship between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor.

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Osteoporosis Bundle

In this bundle, we are joined by guest expert Jacky Forsyth who is an Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology at Staffordshire University. She will be recapping bone metabolism, the effect of oestrogen on bone turnover alongside the risk factors and exercise recommendations from research in the field.

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Warm Up Bundle

In this bundle, we are going to refresh our memory of different exercises which make up a warm up. We will explore mobility and dynamic movements alongside pulse raising exercises. The aim is to provide ideas and inspiration to implement into your warms ups to keep you and your clients interested and engaged. We would love for you to get involved too!

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