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Within this article, we will explore 7 important benefits of strength training for women moving through the menopausal period. Changes In Women’s Hormones And Health  Women between the ages of 47-65 undergo a natural phenomenon known as menopause (Ren et al., 2009). This is a transition over time and is broken down into perimenopause, menopause […]

Within this blog, we will explore 6 important considerations to make exercise accessible for obese clients.  These considerations include removing mental barriers, selecting specific training environments, communicating with your clients in a polite and friendly manner, goal setting, developing core stability/balance and utilising appropriate equipment that caters for your obese client.  #1 Removing the Mental […]

The Role Of Water In Adults  Water as a compound (H²O) makes up around 40-62% of the human body (Perrier et al., 2021). Thereby, it only makes sense that its consumption is vital in sustaining a healthy life, where its absence can even have lethal effects within days (Perrier et al., 2021).   Within this blog, […]

Within this article, we will highlight the importance of talking about mental health and why people should be open to talking about it.  We will explore how talking about mental health can help maintain wellbeing, break the stigma and possibly reduce suicide rates in England and the UK. Additionally, we will emphasise why fitness instructors […]