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Overview This course aims to provide the learners with an awareness of how to adapt exercise for frailer older adults with emphasis on planning and designing chair based exercises. This course enables learners to run fun and enjoyable classes which allow those with movement restrictions to still benefit from physical activity and exercise. Who is […]

Overview During this course, you will learn the skills to be competent and confident in leading safe, effective and enjoyable walking sessions. Walking is a hugely popular form of physical activity and exercise for a large range of ages and abilities because it is enjoyable, scenic, social and versatile. Becoming a fitness walking leader will […]

Overview This course involves interactive practical and theory based learning where you will develop the skills to be competent and confident in delivering effective and enjoyable circuit training sessions. Circuit training is a very popular style of exercise and will enable new and existing fitness professionals to expand on their current job roles with the potential to […]

We aim to offer a range of additional training to help you continuously develop your knowledge and understanding, allowing you to increase your skill set and improve your business. Explore the attended seminars and workshops we offer below. Remember we have online ones too which you can see here. Also for those of you on […]

Course Overview This course is available to anyone looking to improve their knowledge, understanding and competence for offering advice on nutrition for healthy living, or to improve their own understanding about nutrition. This course provides the underpinning knowledge on the role of key food groups, the structure and function of the digestive system and the […]