In this postural assessment training, we will refresh our understanding of the reason regular postural assessment is required, common postural deviations and identify some key exercises to maintain or improve posture. We are joined by Cameron Reid, a practising Osteopath and tutor, who will share his experience and knowledge to expand our ability to support clients.


The training aims to:

  • Highlight the importance of postural assessments
  • Demonstrate and explain methods of performing postural assessments
  • Explore exercise guidance

What will I get access to?

  • 3 Videos
  • 1 Postural Assessment Sheet (to use with your clients)
  • Knowledge from a practicing Osteopath

Who is this training for?

This training is suitable for Personal Trainers, Pilates instructors and fitness professionals working closely with clients.



Instructors are recommended to hold a L3 Personal Training or equivalent qualification. If you are not a Personal Trainer but would like to use this training for knowledge development, you must ensure you remain in line with professional industry standards and insurance policies and do not practice information outside of your qualification boundaries. It is advisable to complete the appropriate pre-requisite.


What is involved in this training?

You are required to watch each of the video presentations and take notes as required. Then take time to practice the information on family members or friends. Once complete, you will answer a short multiple choice knowledge check to evaluate the learning process and check understanding.


Length of the Training

This postural assessment training will take 1-2 hours to complete depending on learning style and pre-requisite. You will benefit from spending longer on each section and practicing the information to improve your professional role.



There are no formal assessments for this training. However, you will be asked to complete a short multiple choice knowledge check to evaluate the learning process.


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