In this bundle, we provide you with lifestyle advice sheets for a range of health conditions which will allow you to provide additional support to your clients, enabling them to work on achieving long term behaviour change.


What will I get access to?

  • 11 Lifestyle Advice Information Sheets

Who is this bundle for?

This training is suitable for fitness professionals who work within exercise referral schemes or personal trainers offering services to clients with a range of chronic health conditions.



There is no pre-requisite to access these advice sheets. However, if working with clients that are living with a range of health conditions then it is advisable to hold a L3 Exercise Referral qualification. Always ensure you remain in line with professional industry standards and insurance policies and do not practice information outside of your qualification boundaries.


Cost of Training

This bundle costs £25.


Disclaimer: This advice does not replace the guidance and recommendations of health and medical professionals. It has been designed to support you to support your clients. Tailored advice and discussions will support most effectively. E&OE.

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