Exam Locations & Dates

Keep an eye on this page for the latest exam theory dates.

Locations: we now have theory assessment centres in:

  • Norfolk
  • Bournemouth
  • Eastbourne
  • Coventry
  • London (Crystal Palace)
  • Halifax
  • Truro
  • Reading
  • Hereford

Please contact the office to discuss options if none of the locations and dates meet your requirements.

Exam dates must be booked 2 weeks prior to your chosen date.

Norwich/Norfolk Course Theory Dates

2018 Theory Dates:

Venues to be confirmed-

  • October 20th (morning exam)
  • November 17th (morning exam)
  • December 8th (morning exam)

2019 Theory Dates:

Venues to be confirmed-

  • Saturday 26th January – 10am
  • Saturday 23rd February- 9am
  • Saturday 16th March- 10am
  • Saturday 27th April- 10am
  • Saturday 11th May- 10am
  • Saturday 29th June- 9am
  • Saturday 27th July- 10am
  • Saturday 31st August- 9am
  • Saturday 14th September- 10am
  • Saturday 5th October- 10am
  • Saturday 9th November- 9am
  • Saturday 7th December – 10am

All Other Location Course Theory Dates

2019 Theory Dates:

Venues to be confirmed-

  • Saturday 26th January – 10am
  • Saturday 16th February – 10am
  • Saturday 16th March – 10am
  • Saturday 4th May – 10am
  • Saturday 22nd June – 10am
  • Saturday 13th July – 10am
  • Saturday 20th July- 9am Coventry
  • Saturday 7th September – 10am
  • Saturday 19th October – 9am
  • Saturday 16th November – 10am
  • Saturday 7th December – 10am
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