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We have designed some free tools to help you save time and money so you can focus on the important parts of being a successful fitness professional.

Have a look at the freebies we have so far…


How to Train & Engage Older People in Your Fitness Sessions

As part of our PTD Hub platform, we created a 3 part video series to help you train and engage older people in your fitness sessions. If you currently work with this demographic or would like to train people over 65 then register for this training series which will help you become an effective and successful older adult instructor.

6 Health & Fitness Tools to Help Support & Motivate your Clients

This template is fully customisable, allowing you to change the colours and logos to match your business branding. You can then print it out or email it electronically to your clients for them to use.


In here you will find:

  • Food Diary – 2 A4 pages for Monday-Saturday, allowing plenty of space to write in it!
  • Exercise Diary – set activities with your clients to complete daily….or let them complete it to show you their activity levels!
  • Step Counter – get your clients to track their daily steps as some motivation to keep moving on a daily basis!
  • Monthly Activity Prompts – gives you a 30 day calendar which you can complete with your client to encourage them to complete exercises outside of your sessions too!
  • A 30 Day Challenge template – this can be changed throughout the year and completed as a group challenge, solo challenge or to have up in your gym/studio.
  • Goals Tracker – a space to record the SMART goals that you and your clients’ set together. Something for them to pop on their fridge to remind themselves of what they are focusing on?

Fitness Consultation Checklist 

Make sure you collect all of the necessary information in that first consultation with a new client. Be prepared and perform a smooth and professional meeting with the use of this checklist.

Daily Checklist for Fitness Professionals

This checklist was designed to help you get organised each day, especially for freelance instructors who move between locations and clients. You can make notes on it and ensure everything is organised the night before so you can wake up and get started!

Daily checklist for fitness professionals

Exercise Adaptation & Progression Chart

This chart is a helpful way to document new ideas you have learnt. We are always trying to think of new ways to adapt or progress clients and sometimes your mind just goes blank when planning a new session. Use this as a method to document the variations of exercises as and when you think of them!

exercise adaptation table fb









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