Your quick guide for when you are on the go

  • Are you a personal trainer or group exercise instructor? 
  • Do you have ladies attend your classes either whilst pregnant or just after?
  • This quick guide contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious considerations for each stage of pregnancy plus the postnatal stage too. 

This guide has been compiled to help improve confidence and provide support to a range of fitness professionals. 

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Our quick guide contains the key information you need to understand for each trimester and into the postnatal period too! Be prepared whilst you are on the go!

Key A&P Changes

Refresh your memory on the key changes that happen with each stage of pregnancy.

Exercise Aims

Focus on the most important aspects during each stage of pregnancy.

Exercise Info & Considerations

Important information regarding how to structure exercise and considerations to take are highlighted for each stage of pregnancy.

Things to Avoid

Exercises and other areas to avoid are listed for each trimester. 

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