How To Train & Engage People Over 65 in
Your Fitness Sessions

​(3-Part ​Video Series)

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​This 3 Part Video Series will help you to become an effective & successful instructor. Here's what you'll cover...


​Refresh those key A&P changes

​Remember all the changes that happen with ageing? Refresh your memory on the key ​changes ​ which can impact the exercises you choose.


​Identify how to effectively market to this demographic

​Learn how to attract this enjoyable and loyal demographic into your sessions to develop your business. 


​Recall what functional exercises are best

​Ensure you are selecting exercises which will help people remain active, ​independent and ultimately continue to have a better quality of life.


​How to keep clients engaged in your sessions

​Once you have got them do you keep them? Reflect on your practice whilst listening to these key tips to see how you can keep people coming back.

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