Why Train to Be an Exercise Specialist?

As fitness professionals, we know not everyone is the same. Our clients all have different goals and circumstances that need to be addressed individually. Generic training courses do a great job in helping us understand the basics of health and exercise, but they don’t allow us to become specialists. What if a client comes to you with knee pain, would you know how to safely and effectively prescribe exercise? Specialist exercise courses give us the knowledge and confidence to prescribe exercise on an individual basis, even with abnormal circumstances. Here are 7 reasons why you should be an exercise specialist.

7 Reasons Why You Should Train to Be an Exercise Specialist


Just like the name suggests, exercise specialisation courses are designed to make you an expert in that area. For example, completing a course on knee pain will give you in-depth knowledge on knee pain and exercise. It will teach you how to prescribe safe exercise and what precautions need to be made in the process.

There are a huge number of specialist courses available in the industry spanning a wide range of specialisms too. For example, exercise referral, pre and postnatal, older adults, back pain, Stroke, diabetes. Spend some time analysing what areas you are passionate about and assess the frequently occurring conditions your clients are reporting to dive deeper into these areas.

Greater Client Confidence 

Clients feel more assured when trainers are qualified. When a client sees you have gained a qualification in a specific area, they are confident you have the knowledge and expertise to help them. Picture reading through the credentials of potential trainers. If you see the trainer has a qualification in personal training you’ll know they’re qualified to provide exercise advice. However “personal training” is a very broad topic. If you see a trainer is qualified in diabetes and exercise you’ll be extremely confident they know exactly what they’re talking about when it comes to diabetes and exercise and have experience behind them to support you. 

Improved Client Experience 

Having additional knowledge and expertise can help you provide a better service overall. Your client has access to a much greater range of knowledge that could potentially benefit them. It’s like having access to a 100 page encyclopedia compared to a 1000 page encyclopedia. The more knowledge you have, the more you have to give through education and support. Additionally, knowing more can potentially stop you from making mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. For example, you might not be aware of possible risks associated with exercise and diabetes. Consequently, you may be giving harmful advice to clients due to a lack of knowledge. 

Learn From Experts  

Most courses are written and designed by experts in that area. Learning from experts in that field helps ensure you’re learning the correct information. You don’t have to spend your time searching the internet for the most up-to-date information. That’s already been done by the experts. Everything you need is compacted into an easy-to-follow course. 

Access to More Populations 

Having the ability to prescribe exercise to different populations instantly increases the number and diversity qof people you can work with. You can market to a greater audience (or more niche audience) and build relationships with supporting health professionals too. For example, taking a course in pre and postnatal exercise allows you to work with women during an important stage of their lives when they need specialist support. That adds a lot of potential clients you can help. 

Improved Self Confidence 

More knowledge allows you to be more confident when prescribing exercise to your clients. Sometimes we might doubt our decisions, or not know the best approach. However, once you’ve learned how to prescribe exercise for different populations you become more confident in your decisions. Exercise specialist courses ensure we’re making the best decisions when it comes to our clients. 

Confidence will also develop with time and experience. Courses give you the starting point to practically apply the knowledge across a diverse range of clients and over time your confidence working with these clients will grow and grow.


Nowadays there are hundreds of trainers to choose from. It’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the pack. Completing an exercise specialist course can help you get ahead of your competitors. For example, loads of trainers come from an experienced background with a personal training qualification. If you hold a qualification in a specific area, that could be the difference between you and your competitors.


Exercise specialist courses are a great way to develop in your career as a fitness trainer. They allow you to build your knowledge so you can safely and effectively prescribe exercise to those with specific needs. Gaining access to more populations can help you build your client base and pass your knowledge on to a wider range of people. Exercise specialist courses also help you stand out in an industry full of fitness trainers. One additional qualification could be the difference between landing or losing a potential client. 

At Pure Training and Development, we are passionate about working with groups that need specialist knowledge from their trainers and teaching fellow instructors to do the same. Our experienced tutors and assessors run exercise referral, pre and postnatal, older adult, chair based exercise for frailer older adults and back pain qualifications plus teach a range of shorter chronic health condition topics. We also support fitness professionals with ongoing training via our online monthly training platform – PTD Hub.  If you would like to discuss training to be an exercise specialist with us, then get in touch.


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